How do I place an order?

You can place an order on our website, over the phone, or visit us at an exhibition we are attending. Simply add the items into your basket and check out or give us a call on your dog and bone (phone).

How do I track my order?

All orders are delivered via royal mail, therefore, there is no way we can check it, unless your order was placed under special delivery. To check if it has been left at our office then just give us a call (0208 407 2100).

What is a pre order?

When you place a pre-order you ensure you will be first in line when the delivery comes in. We expect to sell out quickly so by pre-ordering you guarantee to be dressed to impress at the soonest date!

If there is a problem with my order who do I contact?

If you have any queries or worries about your order please pop us an email (hello@toptotailclothing.co.uk) or give us a call (0208 407 2100) and we will reply within 48 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays). We will do everything possible to help you.

My order hasn’t arrived.

If your order has not arrived within our deliverable timescale, pop us an email (hello@toptotailclothing.co.uk) or give us a call (0208 407 2100) and we will reply within 48 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays). We will work very hard to ensure you get your parcel as soon as possible!

Can I amend any part of my order?

Unfortunately, once an order has been placed it is final. However, feel free to give the team a call (0208 407 2100) and if there is anything we can do to help you we will do!

Can I exchange an item in my order?

Yes, no problem once you’ve received your item just fill out our return form and let us know what you would like to exchange the garment to. Unfortunately, this service is not available on Embroidered garments as these items will not be able to be resold.

Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, we cannot cancel an order once it has been placed. This is because it may already be in the production line on its way to you. However, call us (0208 407 2100) at the soonest opportunity and if there is a way we can help you we will.

How do I return an item?

Changed your mind no problem! Here at Top to Tail we have a no quibble return policy*. Simply return the item to us along with the return form within 28 days of purchase. As long as the item is deemed resalable and shows no signs of wear then we will simply send you out a replacement or a refund.

*This service is not available on Embroidered garments as these items will not be able to be resold.


What are my delivery options?

See the delivery page.

Do you offer international delivery?

Yes, please give us an email (hello@toptotailclothing.co.uk) or call us (0208 407 2100) and we can arrange a quote for delivery. We will reply within 48hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays).


What is a setup charge?

When you send us your logo/ your wording our digital team work hard and design how many stiches should go in each place to turn your logo into a stitched piece of artwork. Then we match colours run your logo and send a photo via email for you to approve it before we apply it to your Uniform. This is a one-off cost and once it is done and dusted you can add embroidery on to any garment for just the embroidery fee. You may also send us garments from other places to embroider from then on. Just get in touch.

How do I send you my logo/wording for my embroidery?

When placing your order, and using a new logo or wording you will need pay for an embroidery set up cost, during set up you’ll be asked to upload your logo or provide your wording. You can find our embroidery set up page here.

Already placed an order, but forgotten to pay for the set up? No problem, give us a call (0208 407 2100) and we can organise payment over the phone and you can then send us the you logo or wording via email (hello@toptotailclothing.co.uk).

If you have placed your order with us at a tradeshow you’ll need to email it over to us. Please remember to include your ORDER NUMBER in the SUBJECT FIELD.  Once we receive your logo or wording we’ll get our digital team working on it straight away.

For Logos simply email us a picture of your logo (saved as a .jpeg or .png).

For wording only, email us your chosen wording up to 3 lines (50 characters). Ensure you use the correct punctuation and include your font and colour of choice from our ‘embroidery set up‘ page.

Can you embroider onto other clothing or items?

ABSOLUTELY! We can embroider onto most fabrics just call us (0208 407 2100) before ordering and sending in additional garments to discuss your options with the team.


Is all clothing hair resistant?

We have tried and tested many different fabrics in our quest to find practical, hair resistant groom wear and we are pleased to say our clothing is hair resistant. All our clothing has been put through its paces within busy grooming salons and has been approved by Groomers, so you’ll be protected against most of those stray hairs around the grooming salon.

This means they are not 100% hair proof, we wish we could say they were, when we find some that are you’ll be the first to know!

Do you offer men’s clothing?

Yes! We currently have two garments that are unisex; our Silhouette apron and our Silhouette Gillet. Both these items are the start of our men’s collection which we are busy away developing! Sign up to our news and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be the first to know when the new lines are available.

Want to put your ideas forward? Then pop us an email to hello@toptotailclothing.co.uk and show your creative flare!

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, from time to time we do offer certain discounts. To ensure you don’t miss out like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram and Twitter!

Can you design my logo?

No, however we have great contact who would be happy to help you create a logo bespoke to your business. Email info@emcreative.co.uk for more information.

What trades show will you be at?

To ensure you don’t miss out on any events like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram and Twitter!

Are you getting more stock in?

Yes, we do regular orders. Please check each individual garment for expected delivery or pre-order to ensure you get your garment first.

I’ve received an error message on your website.

Please give us a call (0208 407 2100) and we will try to resolve the issue for you.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to promotions and newsletters?

To subscribe for updates and exclusive promotions, click ‘contact us’ and there is a box to the right hand side called ‘sign up to news & offers’, pop your details in there. If at any point you want to unsubscribe, there will be a link at the bottom of our emails where you can can do so.

Couldn’t find the answer you were looking for? Pop us a message below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with an answer!

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