Our Story

Here at Top to Tail Clothing we know first-hand what it is like to be covered in hair. Whether you are a pet owner or pet professional we all face the ‘dog hair’ problem!
Our vision started in our grooming salons where we spent all day ensuring each of our clients looked PAW-fect with every hair in place,whilst we were left with pockets lined with nail clippings, zips embedded with hair, and ‘stylish’ rips added to your outfit. Let’s face it you can’t call a groomers job glamorous!

A friend looked at our C.E.O ‘Sophie’ up and down and asked… “Is that really the best there is out there?” Sophie looked at her attire and realised we could do better than that!





The day has come where you never have to be hairy again!

We researched and tested until we found the best comfortable and quality collection that delivers you a comfortable yet stylish look!

Introducing to you The Top to Tail Collection, HAIR RESISTANT clothing for pet lovers, professionals and owners alike!

Make it unique!


Turn your clothing into completely bespoke pieces of fashion! Whether that’s to be a walking advertisement wherever you go or just to stand out from the crowd! Just remember to keep some business cards handy as we are sure you’ll be noticed!

Our embroidery service enables us to make your uniform unique to you, embellishing the garment with your name, business name or even your logo. Whatever you choose, it will be a one off piece just for you.


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