Make your clothing completely Bespoke to you! Whether you want to be a walking advertisement wherever you go or just want to show off your own design or name! Just remember to keep some business cards handy as we are sure you’ll be noticed!


Our embroidery service enables us to make your clothing unique to you, embellishing the garment with your name, business name, Kennel Club Name or even your logo. Whatever you choose, we will make you stand out from the crowd.


We offer both front and back embroidery options, giving you the choice of your exact logo,  a silhouette logo (of any breed of cat or dog) or up to 3 lines (50 characters) of text from our selection of 40 fonts.


What is an Embroidery Setup Cost?

The setup fee is a one-off cost that pays to transform the picture of your logo/wording into a stitched piece of artwork.  

Our digital team work hard to design how many stitches should go in each place before matching the colours, test running the embroidery and sending you a photo via email for your approval. Once approved we apply the final embroidery to your Top to Tail Clothing.

You don’t have to stop there once your embroidery has been created you can add embroidery on any garment for just the application fee. You can also send us garments from other places* to embroider your artwork onto ensuring you always stand out from the crowd!

*There may be additional charges involved in setting up the embroidery for a different garment.





Please allow an additional 10 working days to ensure your garments are embroidered to perfection! If you have a particular deadline please contact us to see if we can help you. 



Embroidered garments are not refundable once the embroidery sample has been approved. 


Embroidery Application Cost


Type of embroidery Application Cost
Small Logo + optional wording £9.99
Small Chest wording only* £5.99
Large Logo + optional wording £14.99
Large wording only* £10.99



This is the price charged per application of your logo and/or wording. 

Please be aware these prices are guide prices only. We allow 1 hour on the embroidery machine for Large Logos and 1/2 an hour for small logos. We pride ourselves on our embroidery detail and never shrink an embroidery without a client asking us to do so. Therefore if your embroidery takes more time on the machine we will contact you to discuss your options. For each extra hour for a back logo we charge £14.99 and for each additional 1/2 an hour on the chest logo we charge £9.99.  Most standard chest logos will be within our 30 minute allocated time and back logos generally within one hour. For standard logo’s we allow up to 5 different colours plus white and black, if your embroidery is more complex we charge a 50p per extra colour charge which again will be discussed with you once your order has been placed.

If you have a query regarding embroidery or would like a quote please email us : hello@toptotailclothing.co.uk