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How does Cleany Teeth benefit your canine clients and business?

As pet professionals we strive to provide the highest level of care, making a difference to the health, wellness and happiness of our clients. At the same time as business owners we need to make profit. This is a match made in heaven with Cleany Teeth! It is win win for everyone the dog, the owner and the business! You could double your turnover with this one add on service. This is a guide of our retail prices used in our salons.



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This is a guide of our retail prices used in our salons

Cleany Teeth
RRP for at least first and second sessions 30 minute appointment £40.00
RRP for maintenance sessions 15 minute add on appointment with a groom £25.00
RRP for bulk of five 30 minute sessions £180
Discount of £20
RRP for bulk of five 15 minute sessions


Discount of £10


Bundle Offers

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Care for your canine clients from the inside out!!

Cleany Teeth supplied by Top To Tail revolutionises dog oral hygiene within your canine care business whilst boosting your businesses profit!

The world’s first 100% ultrasound toothbrush for dogs featuring a 3- sided brush head!

This State-of-the-art ultrasound dental hygiene technology has taken the market by storm! Don’t be left behind! Start offering this hugely beneficial service today and start seeing the results!

Why does dog dental health matter?

Did you know by three years old 80% of dogs will have some level of dental disease!
Periodontal disease can lead to gingivitis (gum inflammation) and periodontitis (break down of jaw bone and soft tissue).
The toxic bacteria caused by plaque and tartar moves through the whole body as it enters the bloodstream, with time this bacteria can lead to heart, kidney, and/or liver damage reducing the life expectancy of our beloved clients.

What does it do?

It combines ultrasound air-oscillations with ultrasound nano-bubble toothpaste to fight dog dental disease by

  • Stress free cleaning without noise and with optional vibration
  • Cleans under the gum line, in between teeth and where bristles are unable to reach
  • Reduces plaque and tartar formation
  • Decreases mouth odour
  • Gentle cleaning with no abrasive damage to enamel, gums or teeth
  • Optimises blood circulation and lymphatic flow through the mouth
  • Stimulates healing and regeneration of wounds and damaged tissue
  • Naturally antibacterial ultrasound eliminates pathogenic bacteria built up on the teeth, gums and under the gum line.

How does it work?

Clean with two settings:

Setting 1: Ultrasound with gentle continuous vibration for dogs who enjoy the gum massaging feeling of soft vibration. Vibration increases the amount nano-bubbles produced during cleaning penetrating deep under gum line to destroy bacteria.

Setting 2: Ultrasound pulse, motion free ultrasound silently penetrates the plaque and under the gum line with a vibration pulse once a minute to elevate nano-bubble production.

It’s simple to provide effective dental care with Cleany Teeth

1. Turn on the brush using the ON button – Press once for setting 1: Ultrasound + gentle vibration, press twice in quick succession for setting 2: Silent ultrasound + pulse.
2. Wet the head of the brush – Ultrasound works most effectively when the brush head is wet, do so regularly during cleaning process to assist the transmission of ultrasound.
3. Apply Cleany Teeth Ultrasound Toothpaste – Apply one centimetre of toothpaste to the brush head. This specialised toothpaste forms billions of tiny nano-bubbles which destroy plaque and removes bacteria.
4. Get Cleany Teeth – With device ON place the brush head on each tooth surface for between 2-3 seconds* ensure to work around the whole tooth including the chewing surface if possible. Move onto the next tooth wetting the brush head regularly during cleaning process and reapplying toothpaste if necessary. Continue cleaning each tooth, if you wish to brush you can if your canine client is accepting of such. You are able to clean the dog’s entire oral cavity in 60-90 seconds.

*2-3 seconds per tooth surface is for light staining, for those suffering from a lot of plaque / tartar build up or gum inflammation require an extended period of time. Extended cleaning 5-6 seconds per tooth.

5. Descale – some dogs require light descaling to remove build up of plaque and tartar which is present on the teeth. Metal descaling tools sold separately.

6. Finish with a smile – Offer some filtered water to your canine client.

To Disinfect brush head: with the device ON using the natural antibacterial effects of ultrasonics hold the brush head under running water for three seconds. Turn device off and remove brush head using the removal tool, rinse the cradle and back of brush head. Leave to dry.